Granite Importer in Ottawa Searches World for your Ideal Countertop

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Granite Comes From Everywhere

Granite is a common, widely occurring type of igneous rock that comes in a wide array of colours. The stone is quarried around the world, often appearing in relatively small masses. Because of this diversity in origin, there is also a wide variety in appearance, with the result being that consumers who desire a unique "look” can always be satisfied. No two pieces of granite are alike, from quarry to quarry, or piece of rock to rock. It is, in short, a home designer’s challenge – and joy. A granite importer in Ottawa will attempt to carry as much internationally quarried granite as possible, both in tile form, and as slabs.

Granite Countertops are Sensible and Popular

Kitchen countertops made of slabs of granite have grown in popularity. There is the prestige factor, of course. A granite counter – with its individual and unique coloration – makes a strong visual impact. It has the added advantage of strength and is generally stain, scratch and burn-resistant. You can often put hot or cold items on it and not worry about leaving marks, providing you do not place the hot item on a natural fissure not a seam. However, it is always best ot err on the side of caution and place a potholder beneath it. Cutting up food on the surface itself should not leave scratches but, again, it is always better to use a cutting board. In addition to its heat resistance, it is bacteria-resistant. Granite countertops do require periodic resealing to protect the surface, as well as cleaning with gentle soap and water.

Choosing Granite – Some Considerations

But beyond the wow factor and granite’s advantages with toughness, there are a number of considerations in the kind of stone you choose.
  • If you are planning on reselling your home, what type of granite will appeal to prospective buyers? Granite has been proven to enhance a home’s resale value – however, you may wish to consider colour choice and opt for something neutral
  • How big is your kitchen? If it is small, dark granite will make the room look even smaller. Granite comes in light, bright, and darker colours; consider those as a way of visually expanding the space and to give your countertops a sophisticated feel.
  • The countertop should contrast with your cabinetry. If the woodwork is light, go dark on the counter, and vice versa.
  • How much light does your kitchen get? Here is where granite really comes into its own. Natural light will bring out the speckles and striations in the stone. If natural light is low, you may want to install a brighter shade.
  • Wall and floor colouring. Again, granite plays well with just about every colour scheme. A granite importer in Ottawa with a wide selection can find you the stone to make the perfect match.
  • Tiles versus slabs. It’s a big decision. Granite slabs are visually impressive but today’s tiles are designed so that it is very difficult to tell the difference between them and larger pieces. Tiles are more flexible and can work in unique configurations. They also possess all of the larger stone’s positive attributes – beauty, individuality and, above all, durability.
Look for that Ottawa granite importer who offers a huge selection, and can show you stone samples of sufficient size so that you may get a good image in your mind as to how it will work with your chosen décor. And remember: granite is not a do-it-yourself project, so you will need to factor in the cost of installation.